Schlagwort: Mystery

Rezension: Was damals geschah- Lisa Jewell

#werbung/selbstgekauft: “Es ist dein Zuhause. Pass auf, wen du hineinlässt … Inhalt In einem großen herrschaftlichen Haus in Londons elegantem Stadtteil Chelsea liegt ein Baby in seinem Bettchen. Das kleine… Weiterlesen

Rezension: The House in the Pines- Ana Reyes

Buchtitel House in the pines

„This is the story of a house. The cabin lies deep in the woods, where the trees are so dense it’s easy to miss. On the outside it might look like it’s crumbling, crawling with weeds, but on the inside it’s warm and cosy. A fire crackles in the fireplace. Dinner simmers on the stove. Maya once saw this cabin as an idyllic place, like a cottage from a fairy tale, but now she knows the danger that lurks beneath.